Help with Layers

I have been trying to solve this issue for a couple of hours. I am hoping the forum can help. I created a copy of my dash bezel from a 1959 Willys Wagon. I would like to beable to layer the gauges underneath the Bezel. In this example the Bezel is included as a background image. Is there any way to layer this image over the top of the guages?

while I am here- Is there a folder somewhere that has downloadable graphic assets such as needles idiot lights?

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If you set an image to the page background it will always be behind everything else.

To achieve what you are after, add new image gauge and use your bezel image on that.

Gauges are drawn in order they appear on the edit mode list on the left side of the screen. You can select your new image gauge and change the drawing order with numpad + and - keys.

Jani, I have over 40 text and image gauges on 1 page and some are stacked on top of the other. How do I select the one below the bigger gauge which is getting selected when I tap on edit mode? This is on Android tablet.

I don’t know the number of the gauge which is below the bigger one so searching from the left side of screen is tedious.

Is there a way to get to the one below easily?

Two ways:

  • You can use ‘Freeze Gauges’ option to make them non-selectable
  • Use good names for gauges and use text filter option on left side gauge list.
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