Help with the xml file

Hello everyone, help me I can’t match the xml file, you can make one example from my can, thanks for earlier. id10728040 02 the door is open

You do need to provide more information:

  • CAN frame id
  • contents of frame data when door is closed
  • contents of frame data when door is open

Hello, I took the data from realdash.
Light control
1020c040: 00 48 24 04 01 00 00 00
Parking lights
1020c040: 00 44 04 84 01 00 00 00
Low beam
1020c040: 00 68 35 04 01 00 00 00
High beam
1020c040: 00 44 04 C4 01 00 00 00
You can use this data as an example, and I will continue to use it as an example, and make the rest of the icons

That may not be the right frame. For me that looks like the switch position, not the status of the outputs. But try this:

    <frame id="0x1020c040">
      <value targetId="155" offset="3" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>7"></value> <!-- Parking lights -->
      <value targetId="156" offset="2" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>4"></value> <!-- low beam -->
      <value targetId="157" offset="3" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>6"></value> <!-- high beam -->

Thanks, I’ll try it tomorrow

Tell me the formulas for calculating voltage, boost, temperature outside te how to write it correctly in an xml file?

All these are vehicle/ECU specific, so I’m unable to just ‘tell’ you what they are.

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Tell me such a moment.There is a steering wheel switch, it works on the principle of changing the resistance, is it possible to adjust the resistor number in realdash? 3 switch positions, 3 resistor ratings

Too little info/too generic question. If you can read the switch values from the vehicle, what is it that you want to do with those values?