Help with XML conversion

I’m using GPS latitude and longitude that are on the CANbus. I have it working but when I originally loaded it, the location was way off. After getting the decimal point in the correct location, my longitude was still off, but I believe it’s wrong it’s because it’s a negative number. Using a hex to decimal calculator, the correct value was “signed 2’s compliment”. How can I represent that in the XML conversion? Here is my current xml, with a simple subtraction to dial in the location temporarily:


Try adding:


Into these values.

Ok thank you I will try that.

One more conversion I need help understanding. I have a coolant pressure sensor I’m sending from my link ecu:

The value I’m reading in the CAN monitor is AB, which is 171 which is the correct number in kPa of the current coolant pressure (25 psi). If i have no conversion, the number in RealDash is 43520. Most of my other numbers seem to read the CAN numbers directly. To correct this, I’m multiplying by “0.000571” to have realdash readout PSI.

Is this normal or am I missing something?

I should add, I checked to make sure there is no gauge math applied and no multiplier or offset in the “value properties”.

By default, all incoming values are assumed to be in metric system. Try adding:


To your value to tell RealDash that value is a pressure value and units are psi.

But the value on the CAN is metric. Even with no conversion in the XML, it doesn’t read the actual value.
I do have my RealDash setting to US.

Ok, I found my issue. I added “endianess=big”

It was reading “A9” (which is 169 in kpa) as “A900” which is 43264.

Simple silly mistake.