Home screen

Hi there

I’m using realdash on android as a infotainment system. The problem I have is that if I open another app I have to either keep pressing back button to get back to realdash not ideal or press android home button and reopen realdash app

I have used other car dash systems which you can set as android home screen which works really well

Is there any function for this or a workaround


It is informally possible to reconfigure an RD application to do this. But you will get a lot of problems with the file browser, saving and settings. So the application in the form in which it is from the developers is the only way it turns out to be stable and reliable. In any other case, this is not the case!

With this app you can set any app as launcher.
I used it before, but be careful if you need to launch other apps etc. It becomes difficult, as there is no “all apps” shortcut in RealDash. You can still access system settings from the notifications bar.

Thank you for the app suggestion I have just tried home switcher it works well but unfortunately realdash reboots everytime home button is pressed it doesn’t reopen where is was even though it is running in background also music playing duplicates its self

Use macrodroid and create a floating icon to take you to home screen when you tap the icon. When I press the home button RD does not reboot. Only when back button is pressed it closes and restarts next time, which is as intended.

In the settings, set - " Work in the background"

Thank you works perfect!