Hondata S300 V3 USB Connection

Hello guys,

I recently came to know your app and feel very impressed with the great work you’ve done. The first thing that caught my attention after installing and start testing was the option to connect Hondata via USB, but after several attempts I couldn’t make it work.

I already read in other thread that there are some problems regarding Hondata’s USB protocol, but i don’t understand it because there are some apps working with Hondata via USB, like SDash or Hondash (raspberry). Are you guys planning to implement this functionality in the future in your app? Can I make Real Dash work with hondata via USB in Windows or is it a no go on all OS’s?

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See this thread:

I see…it’s a shame. In terms of refresh rate, is there much difference from using bluetooth to use USB? Will I see some more refresh speed if the tablet has bluetooth 5 instead of 4.2?

I am thinking about switch to Real Dash or stick with SDash that has USB connection.


Typically the limiting factor is always a vehicle/device itself. I have seen up to 600 values per second come over Bluetooth so as a technology its not limiting the update speed. Of course Bluetooth may be more vulnerable to interference and other apps may also require Bluetooth usage on the background.

Hi Guys!

Is there any plan to get usb connectivity working for the Hondata S300 V3?
Ibe just built up my RP4 with realdash, going to fit it in the car tomorrow as a didn’t realise the USB doesnt work and i disabled bluetooth on the pi!
Bluetooth all setup now but would love a wired connection rather than wireless

We did ask from Hondata, but they are not willing to share their proprietary USB protocol. And based on their reply there is no point in asking again.