Hondata S300v1/S300v2 support


A year or two I was happy that RealDash announced the support of Hondata ECUs. After I bought RealDash I found out that that Bluetooth connection S300v3 is supported but USB connection on any S300 (v1, v2 or v3) isnt supported.

I have an app called SDash wich can read from the S300 via USB.

I wanted to ask if there were any updates to this feature, or if its possible to buy an USB Bluetooth dongle and make the connection via USB UART Bluetooth modem or something. I saw that TunerStudio did something like that.

I like the app very much and want to use it if its possible :slight_smile:

Thank you,

I faintly remember asking this from Hondata and I believe that USB protocol is different than Bluetooth and Hondata was not eager to share it. It was a long time ago so I may remember it wrong.

Edit: I sent a question about this to Hondata. Hope they get back to me on this.

Thanks for the enthusiasm.

Edit: I asked the SDash developer on facebook, if he would be willing to help you. He told me, that you could talk about some bussines parrnership if you are interested.


I got the reply form Hondata and they confirmed that USB protocol is different than what Hondata sends over Bluetooth, and they are not willing to share the details of the USB protocol with us.

Thats shame. I hoped the would change their mind after years but no.

Are you willing to talk about the protocol with the developer of SDash? You could find his app on playstore, or he has an facebook page dedicated for the app:

He made more versions of the app, one for s300 via bluetooth, one for s300 via usb, and one for KPro.

If you need an test subject, I am all yours. :+1:

Thank you,

I rather not. If Hondata does not want to share the protocol, I prefer to respect their decision and stay out of it. Keeping the protocol internal most likely also means that it can change at any time, we would end up fixing it constantly.