How can I view a trip log?

Hello. I’ve recently been using RealDash and I’m very happy that I can have the car’s data there. I like that all my trips are saved, and that I can synchronize them with my real dash account. However, if I download a trip log from my account, with which tool could I view it? On the computer, on the phone. Is there an application that can use the file and display the map? I found only applications that work with GPX files, but realdash cannot save in this format…

You can playback the trip CSV files in RealDash. Go to ‘Settings->Data Source’ and select Datalog Playback as data source.

CSV file itself is very common text format that you can open in pretty much anywhere, Excel, Most datalog viewers etc.

It would be nice to be able to view the trip from myrealdash :D. Not just the download option. Thank you.

Actually, we are developing that right now.

I am very glad to hear this.
I really like RealDash, and how it made my 2008 vw polo a little more modern. I can see much more data of the car. It is a very pleasant experience for me. I find RealDash very comprehensive. Navigation, multimedia control, car data, fuel level, and the history of all trips.
Thank you and I feel happy to have such an application for my car.

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