How do I add an image I created of my car

I created a image of my car which I want to add to my custom dash. But can’t find an option to add it in

While editing dashboard:

  • Create new Image gauge
  • Go to Look’n Feel->Images->Background Image
  • Use the plus sign (+) to add assets to your dashboard.
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Thanks mate.
I have added the picture to my edited dash which is the Audi virtual cockpit I purchased.
I removed the fuel consumption section and added the picture to that page but it comes up on every page. How do I just add it to that page only.

When setting the dash page background, you can either set it to single page or all pages at the same time.

  • In edit mode, go to Look’n Feel->Dash Page->Select Image
  • On bottom left corner is a gear icon with text ‘Apply to’. Click on gear to change if background image is set to ‘This Page’ or ‘All Pages’.

Hi I have tried this but it sets the image to behind the whole cluster and I can’t adjust the size or bring to front. The image I inserted does not get the option to set it to this page. It’s like the map screen didn’t get set to all pages. That’s what I want to do

Copy-paste your image gauge to all the pages you wish to use it on.

I don’t want that image on all the pages, just one. But when I add it the way you mentioned it automatically goes on all pages. This is the last mod and my gauges are complete. Is there a way I can send you a video of what I mean.

The problem may be that if you started with Virtual Cockpit premium dashboard, that has pre-defined animations that may cause the gauge appear the way you are not planning.

True, I don’t fully understand what you mean. Upload a video someplace and link here.

Please check out the link.
I just want that picture on one page because it covers what’s on the other pages

Yes, I see. There has been some terminology problems. The Virtual Cockpit premium dashboard has only one page. In addition, it has animation systems that show/hide certain gauges when tapped.

In order to make this work, you would need to find the Trigger that is responsible for showing/hiding the map gauge. The attach a new Action that show/hide your logo accordingly.

Generally we do not recommend modifying our Premium dashboards as it can get pretty complicated fast and its very easy to break existing animations to make the dash pretty much useless.

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Ok I’ll have to just forget about it. Thanks for your help