How do you set the delay off value of a button?

I need to have certain button/relays turn off (transfer from normal to critical) after a determined period of time. I know you can delay the turning ON of the button (critical value) in Inputs & Values, but how do you set an OFF delay?
I want the critical to turn on when pressed but turn off at a determined timed value.

What you need to do is to assign two actions to your button:

  • Action to turn on your relay input
  • Action to set Dummy Timer 1 to 0

Then you need to make a trigger that turns off your relay input:

  • Make a new trigger.
  • Trigger condition: Dummy Timer 1 is greater than 5 (for 5 seconds delay)
  • Reset Condition: Dummy Timer 1 is less than 1.
  • Trigger Action: Set your relay input off.
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Thank you, and Merry Christmas!!
I appreciate this, its a start to a long and frustrating process. I am new at this and don’t know where all the goodies are hidden.
Can you now point me in the direction of where I can find the steps to do this?
I looked through the tutorials and either overlooked or didn’t find the instructions for this. I also went through all the EDIT functions and could not find anything about making a trigger and associating it with a button.
We have an entire panel of Gauges and Buttons that were pre-built for this application by the manufacturer of the gauge input and relay controller, hopefully we won’t have to rebuild this.
Thank you!

To assign actions to buttons:

  • In edit mode, select your button and go to ‘Input & Values’
  • Tap ‘Select Button Actions’ button
  • Either select existing action or use ‘New Action’ button.

To create triggers:

  • In edit mode, open the bottom menu and press ‘Triggers’
  • On the left side is a list of Triggers, and right list is actions.
  • Tap ‘Add’ on left side to create new Trigger.
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Thank you for this, I’n sure I will have more questions as we continue to try and get all this working.
Again, thanks!!
Next question
the customer purchased a realdash package that was loaded when he received the tabled from the gauge controller provider.
He purchased a 10" tablet and we need to get the permissions from the 7" to the 10" so the files created on the 7" will work on the 19 inch.
We were able to get the files transfered but can not get access to all of them and any changes to the file that will open do not work.
the 10 inch tablet will control the 16 buttons while the 7" tablet will be the dash display.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but if this is a special manufacturer version of RealDash including their custom dashboards, you need to contact the original supplier for this.

We have this working mostly. The programming works like we want while RealDash is running, after successful programming. Which is basically a momentary button action, Off-On momentary. Once you shutdown Real Dash and reopen, the button activates itself shortly after start up in the always on momentary off state, On-Off momentary.

toggle button 12 on (show critical status momentarily)
reset status (show all status normally and after startup)
toggle button 12 off (show critical status momentarily)

the button 12 is an ESU specific - button12 - toggle value on/off

The button is set as…
value range 0-1
warnig level 0-1
critical level 0-0.5
has 2 actions
Button 12 - toggle value on/off - button 12
Button 12 mom - Set value - dummy timer 1 - 0

The trigger is set as
Trigger condition: Dummy Timer 1 is greater than 1
Reset Condition: Dummy Timer 1 is less than 1
Trigger Action: Button 12 (which is toggle on/off again)

What needs to be modified to keep from when program launches the buttons start in the on state. the delay after program launch looks like it is following the triggers timing (1 second delay)

For that, you need to add one more variable into your trigger and action. Use a Dummy variable, like Dummy 01.

  • When button is pressed, set Dummy 01 to 1.
  • In your trigger, add AND, so trigger condition is
Dummy Timer 1 is greater than 1 AND Dummy 01 is greater than 0.5