How is Average speed calculated

Hi Jani,

How is Average speed calculated for Trip A and B? I am seeing average being shown as very small values and it loses value over a period of few hours even when I am not connected to the car but RD is in background on my tablet.

Ideally it should be kms covered divided by hours travelled, where hour is computed from engine runtime. Whereas when my avg speed (Trip B) as per vehicle is 52 kph, I am only seeing a value of 0.6 kph in RD.

Pls clarify.

It is simple distance over time.

Maybe you see these low values if you leave RealDash running on the background when not driving.

Yeah, I thought so. Is it not possible compute based on runtime when connected to OBD2 or CAN?

Try ‘Settings->Application->2nd page->Keep Connected on Background’ option

It is already, Jani!

The issue is when I bring the tablet home the clock is ticking while km is standstill and the average speed keeps reducing.

If you can ensure the time taken for calculating the average speed is the engine runtime rather than clock time this issue will get addressed.

Is that doable?

I meant, try to disable ‘Settings->Application->2nd page->Keep Connected on Background’ option.

On the other hand, why don’t you just close the app when its not in use?

Actually, I don’t want my Trip B to reset unintentionally. If I close the app or if I disable it from background, it will reset Trip B.

That’s why I was asking if Reset trip B can be allowed manually via Quick panel (for those who want to maintain Trip diary).