How realdash calculates the range?

Hi all. My question is, how does realdash calculate the range?

via the realdash can, I send a signal of 0 - 100 equivalent to the percentage of filling of the fuel tank (Target ID 170), is this correct? or do I have to send the number of liters in the fuel tank?

This is the code of the xml file:

<value targetId="170" offset="0" length="2"></value>

Thank you!

This is correct. In addition set the fuel capacity in the Garage to correct value and remove the input mapping to Fuel Level from ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’.

Should I remove the Input mapping of Fuel level IS SET FROM OB2:Fuel level even for the default dashboard?

Reason I am asking is under quick settings if I try to put a value of 54L against fuel capacity of 57L (set in garage) it is going back to 0.

Also what is the function of Reset Value: Fuel Amount (Calculated) it is always showing 0.0/57 (L).

All these terms are confusing for a newbie like me.

Yes, if fuel level comes from another source it always overrides the fuel amount.

Hi Jani,

If i am going to change the fuel level from calculated value to input value ( actual value from can bus), is this situation will going to change other parameters ( such as fuel consumptions)?


No, fuel level does not affect the consumption calculations.


Calculated consupmtion always zero, could you please tell me what should i do to get it work?

I know it is connected to different parameters, so could one of these parameters equal zero?


Is your throttle position always zero?


I will check. I am using Benz dashboard and i can’t remember if this input is required there or not but any way i will check.