How to connect, Bluetooth

Here are the most common steps to connect to Bluetooth ELM327 adapter.

If you have created connections that do not work, you may want to clear RealDash app data, or uninstall/install.

  1. Turn Bluetooth on from your device and pair your ELM327 adapter with your device.
  2. Open RealDash, on first start select language, and then go to ‘Garage’
  3. Tap vehicle door and then the instrument cluster. Tap ‘Add’ on connection list
  4. Select ‘OBD2->Bluetooth->“device name”->’ until you are in connection settings page.
  5. Optionally you can check vehicle configurations from ‘Select Vehicle’ button, or leave it as ‘Generic SAE-compatible vehicle’.
  6. Tap upper left corner ‘Done’
  7. Exit garage back to dashboard.

RealDash will connect to your adapter in a few seconds.