How to connect to

If you are running RealDash on same computer with the game, see this post first:
Localhost connections on Windows 10

  1. Connect device running RealDash into same local network where game is running.
  2. Verify that you are not blocking UDP traffic or ports on your network router.
  3. Start RealDash, go to the Garage and setup new connection to ‘Racing Simulator->BeamNG Drive’.
  4. Note the Port and IP address that is shown in RealDash connection settings.
  5. Start and go to Options->Other.
  • Enable ‘OutGauge support’
  • IP:
  • Port: Use same port as in RealDash connection settings (default is 4444)
  • Uncheck ‘MotionSim enabled’ option

BeamNG Drive will start sending the telemetry data when the game starts.