How to connect to Live for Speed

If you are running RealDash on same computer with the game, see this post first:
Localhost connections on Windows 10

  1. Connect device running RealDash into same local network where game is running.
  2. Find your RealDash device’s IP address.
  3. Open file “\cfg.txt” with notepad.
  4. Find line “OutGauge Mode 0”
  5. Edit that line and few lines below it using following example:
    OutGauge Mode 1
    OutGauge Delay 1
    OutGauge IP
    OutGauge Port 9996
  6. Save the file.
  7. Set the same port (9996) into RealDash connection settings.

After setting the correct port in RealDash connection settings, game should send you car data when the race starts.