How to connect to ME221/ME442

USB serial connections are available in Android/Windows/Linux versions of RealDash. Apple does not allow generic serial connections with iOS.

If you have created connections that do not work, you may want to clear RealDash app data, or uninstall/install.

ME221 uses default baud rate of 115200
ME442 uses default baud rate of 230400

  1. Attach the USB cable to your vehicle and device. On Android, use appropriate USB-OTG adapter.
  2. On first run, Android device should ask for permission to use the USB device.
  3. On RealDash, go to the Garage and tap vehicle door and then the instrument cluster. Tap ‘Add’ on connection list
  4. Select ‘ME221/ME442->Serial/USB->ECU serial device name->’
  5. Select correct baud rate for your ECU.
  6. Tap upper left corner ‘Done’
  7. Exit garage back to dashboard.

RealDash will connect to your ECU in a few seconds.