How to connect, WiFi

Here are steps to connect to ELM327 WiFi adapter. Please note that you will need your adapter manual for some of the settings.

If you have created connections that do not work, you may want to clear RealDash app data, or uninstall/install.

  1. Insert adapter into your vehicle OBD2 port
  2. Open your device WiFi settings and connect to hotspot created by your adapter. You may need a password to connect to adapter WiFi network. Check your adapter manual.
  3. Open RealDash, on first start select language, and then go to ‘Garage’
  4. Tap vehicle door and then the instrument cluster. Tap ‘Add’ on connection list
  5. Select ‘OBD2->WiFi/LAN’ You will find IP Address and port settings in your adapter manual. These will vary between adapters. Common settings for Chinese clone adapters are and 35000, but those settings may not work with your adapter. Always check your adapter manual.
  6. Tap to next page until you are in connection settings page.
  7. Optionally you can check vehicle configurations from ‘Select Vehicle’ button, or leave it as ‘Generic SAE-compatible vehicle’.
  8. Tap upper left corner ‘Done’ to go back to the Garage. Exit the Garage.

RealDash will connect to your adapter in a few seconds. Engine must be running to see any engine data.

Note when using WiFi adapters:

  • If you experience connection loss and reconnect this may be due that your mobile device tries to automatically switch to another WiFi since it detects that adapter WiFi has no Internet connectivity. This automatic switch can be disabled from device settings. The location of the setting varies between OS version and device.
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