How to connect with iPhone

First, I like this app a lot, Thank you :slight_smile:

I use:
ODB2 adapter (BLE)
iPhone 6S
Hondata v.2, without bluetooth
Lotus Elise S1 with engine swap from Honda Integra Type R

There is too much delay for track use, so I want to connect direct to Hondata.

How to direct to Hondata?
It is possible to connect by cable?
Or do I need Hondata v.4 with bluetooth

Unfortunately I never received the Bluetooth specifications from Hondata, and therefore Hondata Bluetooth does not work with iOS. It works fine on Android and Windows though.

The Issue is not the protocol specification, as it is exactly the same regardless of the OS RealDash is running on. The problem is that Hondata did not provide Bluetooth LE service tags required to connect to send/receive data on Bluetooth LE device with iOS. Also, they did not provide any test device for us to try to figure it our by ourselves.

SPP over BLE

Do you have actual information about this or are you just throwing ideas? You sure understand that its impossible to develop the support without actual device to test with, or somebody volunteering to test, which can be a real pain in iOS.

If you have real information and don’t want to share it here, send me an email.