How to do calculation

How would I do something like below to make it work in RD

||Can-ID |Length |DATA Packet HEX |Register Desctiprion|
|3B4 |8 |DB F3 00 FC FF FF FF FF | Battery Voltage (Running) & Charge status|

These calculations are TBC

Bytes[0 & 1] are the battery voltage

Example F3DB - F000 = 3DB = 987 (dec) / 68 = 14.51V

Example(2) F33E - F000 = 33E = 830 (dec) / 68 = 12.20V

Excel Formual (((Byte[1]-240 )*256)+Byte[0])/68|

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<value targetId="12" offset="0" length="2" conversion="(V &amp; 0xfff) / 68"></value> <!-- battery voltage -->

Thank you for all your involvement in the forms. your the best. I only have 2 calculations that are stopping me from running as my primary cluster if you could help that would be great.
I use USA gal and MPH

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<value targetId="170" offset="0" length="4" conversion="(((B1*256+B0)/160)+((B3*256+B2)/160))*0.5*0.01"></value> <!-- fuel level -->
<value targetId="81" offset="0" length="2" units="mph" conversion="(((B1 - 208) * 256) + B0) / 16"></value> <!-- vss 1 -->
<value targetId="164" offset="5" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>1"></value> <!-- parking brake -->

As we are helping, I’d appreciate that you share your complete BMW CAN XML file for all RealDash users.

BMW335I.xml (4.7 KB)

Finally got my screen looks so good and the raspberry pi 5 is so smooth.

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Thank you for this XML file, appreciated!

Send me bit more info about frame 0x1D2. We can figure that out together.

I was able to get the P,R,N,D working I have a manual mode in my car that lets me shift gears. When i try to cycle thru the gears the numbers are not counting up. I would like to know when I go into sport mode so I can have it change the display.

Give a bit more information about where in CAN data the current gear number is.

I will get that when I can figure out where my CAN bus issue is. Im unbale to read canbus right now I think I have a module giving an issue.

Hi Jani, this is an E93 manual model not sure if this will work for an F30 automatic model like mine. Can this be used as a base to modify?

Mine is an automatic but a lot of the stuff can be moved or at least use to find where to start. This site has also helped me track down some CAN ID’s CarPC Install


Thanks @Cableline01 ! I found something for F series in this link: CarPC Install

But I am not sure whether trying this will brick my car or any of its modules.

If you do not write anything to CAN bus, change of bricking your car is fairly low. But of course its wise to be careful as when you tap into CAN bus, its very easy to mess it up.

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I have ran into a bit of a roadblock. I cant read my can bus right now. I think I have a module that is having an issue that I have to find before I can make anymore progress.

I was finally able to get back running. I’m still running into issues with trying to get fuel and Speed and work with MPH not KPM to work. Any help would be great. This is a dump from the obd2.


Hello guys just started working on a project but need too much help .
First question :
how you are launchin Realdash on pi5 ? Android or which system?

Also i have a Nissan Patrol swapped on M57d30 with EDC15 and i’m blocked didn’t know how to convert the results can you help ?

RPi5 can run Android or Linux. Linux versions are downloadable from

Unfortunately I do not know how to help on your second question.

That is what I use and it works great on the RP5