How to fix the dimensions and proportions of the realdash?

Hi all.
I create a panel in full-screen mode, arrange the necessary indicators and gauges, set the necessary dimensions. But when I switch the panel to window mode, the proportions are lost. And if you switch back to full-screen mode, the dimensions and proportions are not restored and you have to do everything again every time. Is it possible to fix the dimensions and proportions of the image somehow, so as not to adjust all the time?

Not exactly sure what you mean. By default, all dashboards are scaled to different aspect ratio screens in a way that proportions and distances between gauges are retained. This means that in different aspect screen you will get black borders around the dashboard.

If you mean that you wish not to scale the gauges automatically, select all gauges and go to Look’n Feel and choose option ‘Disable Scale on Load’.

Automatic scaling should work by default, there is no need to disable it. I’ll try to explain what’s wrong.
For example: In full-screen mode 1920 x 1080 I added background image (1920x720) and a needle gauge. I set its size to 600x600 pixels and positioned it x-1200 y-200 and save it. Let’s take this state as a 100% scale. Then I switch to window mode and change the window size and aspect ratio, let’s say 1000x600 pixels. The dimensions and proportions of the image were scaled correctly, let’s say 45% of the original size. it’s all good.
If I expand the window to full-screen mode again, the background image is scaled correctly. The proportions of the gauge are saved correctly, but the scaling does not return to 100%. It scales differently when up to 80%, when up to 60%. each next time is usually less than the previous one.
Once again, the background image is scaled to 100% but the gauges is not! I.e. the scale of the background and the gauges become different, the background and the gauges become out of proportion to each other. The proportions of the gauges are always maintained correctly, but the scale never returns to 100%. In the process of working on the dashboard, I have to change the window size many times. For precise positioning and sizing, I need a full screen, but then I change the window size to see the windows of other programs. As a result, it turns out that in full-screen mode, the background is full screen, and the gauges have 50% or less of the original size.
50% .jpg

If I load a default skin, no matter how I change the window size, the proportions and scale always work correctly.

See this from FAQ:

That explains this effect when saving on two different devices, but your use-case is the same.

As said, this is by design. Dashboards are designed to specific screen aspect and by default they are scaled when loaded to different aspect. If you wish not to have this automatic scaling happen, you can disable it per gauge.

Scaling does not apply to the background image. If backgound image needs to retain proportions, use image gauge instead and size it full screen on your design aspect.

Yes, if you save the dashboard with a different aspect ratio of the screen each time, the scale will be distorted. I will work with a fixed aspect ratio.