how to get spesific bit directly from ECU response


I’m trying to get specific bit from ECU response but I can not find correct equation. I tried explained way in obd.xml file and none of them did not work.

My request to ECU is 215a and ECU response is 614A42, how can I get specific bit from this response. ( I want to get the second bit from right handside which is 4)

thank you,

try this:
units=“bit” conversion=“V>>3”

Thank you, I’ll try.


I tried to your solution but unfortunately it did not solved my problem, because I should get bit from ecu response in hex format but V command is converting it into decimal. I solved this problem with triggers. I can be useful if you can add to use response in hex format.

PS: I it possible to export cluster’s triggers than import it into global triggers. I prepared several triggers but I should import them into premium clusters


I’m not sure what you mean, since values are always converted into decimals when read from OBD2 responses. But most important thing is that you were able to achieve what you were aiming for.

Unfortunately there is no import/export option for triggers, so you do have to write them again to global triggers.