how to keep the current mode?

maybe I missed something?
For example, I downloaded Bavarian.
it has three modes: ekl, classic and sports.
Let’s say I want to ride in sport mode. I choose him. but as soon as I completely exit the application, after returning I see the eco mode again.
I know that if you edit andisoh save, then there will be sports, but it’s like crutches).
Can I remember modes something without editing when I exit?

This is a known problem and currently there is no good solution for that. When mode is changed, multiple animations are triggered, gauges switch places and are activated/deactivated. We just have not found a good way to save this state reliably without saving the entire file again.

And what if we associate animation groups with indices 1; 2; 3 and save only the index when exiting the application, and when starting the application, make an initially empty index, for example “0”, and then check it against the memorized one.
This will help avoid overlapping animations at startup.
And so it turns out that the first animation always starts!
If you enter an empty one, there should be no glitches!
You can also enter when you exit the application to create a final animation that will lead to an empty stable state. And then the launch will always start with the well-known source data!