How to make units transferable?

In a custom made dash, or pages that can be added to a purchased dash, when it is loaded onto a “virgin” machine (windows, android), the units do not seem to transfer and the dash always seems to use default units for each field and must edited by user to reflect the units they need (or as I designed it) as opposed to default units.

Is there a way to export units?

I’m not sure what you mean, the units should not be designed into the dashboards, but are controlled by the user in ‘Settings->Units & Values’.

Hi Yani,

what the issue here is that on the forth page of unit and value ( Input mapping) there are labels and matching inputs for than, if I have a dash and need specific changes to these mappings to work how to I save these so I can use it on my other device without having to manually change them one by one?

An export function may be needed in edit mode, there is an import but not sure what it does.

There is an export in garage but for me it did not do anything and no export files to be found.

It depends on which protocol is used. If RDCan or OBDII then you can Configure the protocol description file so that it becomes the value immediately in the desired identifier, then you do not have to reconfigure anything)

How do you do this? All I know about is the XML file.

The Import/Export in Garage will include the input mappings. Please give it another try.

Ok, I will try that again,

Thanks much.

thanks, this worked on 16.3.

how does “ ” converts to a value "-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) ? and is this always the same for specific name?

Example from value Mapping section

Can I also add other items that may no be in the list?


Those negative, seemingly random ids are the ones in ‘ECU Specific’ category. In practice, if you declare an input in XML file with ‘name’, new id is generated based on that name. So those are custom and its impossible to list them anywhere. If you change the name in XML the id will also re-generate.