How to reset header for the next command?


I’m trying to add a custom XML file following this doc. It says that I can specify OBD Header, also it says that once header is set it will be used for the next commands as well. How do I reset header for the next commands?

I’m trying to add fuel level, this PID works in Torque Pro app for my car:

PID: 2129
Equation: ((A*50)/100)
OBD Header: 7c0

This is what I’ve got so far:

Basically the change is this:

<command send="2129" skipCount="25" targetId="201" conversion="100*(((A*50)/100)/65)" ></command> <!-- fuel level -->

How can I make sure the next command does not use any header?

The reason why I’m asking this is that I tried to not specify any header but it does not work. It actually hangs and the dashboard does not display any data.

Your init section seems to set header with:


If you use any other header in rotation, try to set header to ATSH8113F1 for all other commands.