How to show R for Reverse Gear

Hi Jani,

How to show R for Reverse Gear? I am only able to see Gears 1 to 8 and N for Neutral.

I want to create a global trigger to open a reverse camera app when Gear is in R. Hence this need. Currently I have set it to open when RPM is below 800.

Also, I want to get back to Realdash app when Gear changes to 1 or higher or RPM > 800. How to get Realdash to come back on screen instead of the rear camera app. Should I do something with the Reset condition.

Once you give a solution for above, how do I create a trigger - If I choose selected gear is R as Source Input, what should I choose as condition?

How do I match it to ‘R’ - I only see “is less than”, “greater than”, etc.?

What is the meaning of Value changed?

What is the significance of Compare Input? What is the use case for this?

Please clarify.


The gear display will show ‘R’ automatically if the Body Electronics->Reverse Lights input is on. You can use triggers and actions to set that input also.

Do you mean under Input mapping? Currently, Reverse lights are mapped to Slave Box 2, Output. Should I change that to Body Electronics → Reverse Lights?

Under triggers and actions, if I choose Body Electronics → Reverse Lights as Source inputs - what should I put as compare value? What is the meaning of ‘Value changed’?

Another question I had was how to bring RD back from background once Rearcam app is opened. I read somewhere that we should do the foll:

  • Send value 2 into ‘Other->App Started’ (targetId=86)

Can’t find it!

Map your PDSX-1 output to Body Electronics → Reverse Lights in ‘Settings → Units and Values → Input Mapping’

then your Gear display will show ‘R’ when reverse lights are activated.

I am completely new to this.

Kindly guide me how to map PDSX Output to Body electronics->Reverse lights.

If I click on Add under Input mapping I am able to choose PDSX-1 Outputs but in next screen I don’t see Body electronics. Should I choose Slave box 2, Output 2 ?

But it comes back to same Select Input screen.

Sorry, pls show the steps.

  • Go to 'Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping
  • Tap ‘Add’
  • For target input, select Body Electronics->Reverse Lights
  • ‘Select source input’ popup appears, select PDSX-1 Outputs->Slave Box 2->your reverse light output
  • Exit settings


I did all this. But when going back to Settings → Input mapping…I don’t even see Reverse Lights mapping now in the list now. Earlier I saw it was mapped to Slave Box 2-> Output 2.

I had 26 mappings earlier now only 25 mappings.

Edit: I am doing these changes from my Laptop using Windows version. Could this be the reason?

Edit: Ok, I am able to see Reverse lights now, but I just checked my Android tablet and it was there earlier too (by default). If so, I couldn’t see Reverse earlier. Is it possible that Reverse light is mapped to Slave Box 2 → Mapped to some other Output?

How to check the correct output number for my BMW 320d F30?

Pls clarify.

I don’t know how your outputs are mapped as they can be wired in any way you want. The steps I provided work for me when testing, do not know how else I could explain it :frowning:

Ok, no problem. I will check different options and report back if any of them work.

In the meantime, let’s say I want to trigger the app based on N:

How do I create a trigger - If I choose selected gear as N in Source Input, what should I choose as Compare Value?

How do I match it to ‘N’ - I only see “is less than”, “greater than”, etc.?

What is the meaning of “Value has changed”?

What is the significance of Compare Input?

Pls clarify.

Hi Jani, pls reply.

Please clarify what you are trying to achieve.

As i said earlier I am able to see N for Neutral (Gear).

I want to create a trigger to Launch an App whenever I am in N.

So if I choose Gear (Master Speed, RPM, Gear Ratio) as Source Input, what should I choose as Compare Value?

How do I match it to ‘N’ - I only see “is less than”, “greater than”, etc, which is useful for number. What about alphabet N?

What is the meaning of “Value has changed”?

What is the meaning of Compare Input?

Please help me create this trigger so that I can create action for Launch app.


Gear indicator ‘N’ is the same as value 0. Create a trigger with Gear is equal to 0. Just give experiment with it and you will find a way.

I don’t want to open new post with same subjecto so I write here, my problem
I send data to realdash with arduino and send gear value over ID 139 (also try 140,141,200) and reverse lights ID 159 and only have N 1 2 3… gears, can’t show R I check in inputs & values and reverse lights have correct values 0 and 1 but gear gauge never show R.
By the way I working on bench with speeduino no in car and I test this about a year ago and work fine (dash show R) this can be something about the las update?

To show ‘R’, send value of -1 to the input.

Yes I know, I send 1 to 159 ID but R never show I check input value on inputs & values reverse lights and it’s fine I see 1 or 0 but the gear value stay in N I don’t know if this is a bug in the last update because this work in the past but now it’s not working can you check this please.

The value to show ‘R’ is -1 (minus one).

Thanks now it’s working.

As mentioned earlier, I am not able to find the correct Slave box 2 output to show R while in Reverse.

If I create a trigger to open my Rear cam app when when Gear is -1 it is not Launching the App (based on package name). Is it because Gear is showing N and not R?

Will it launch only if Gear shows R?

If you are using PDSX-1, its better to use the state of the reverse lights output instead of Calculated value of the gear.