How to trigger arduino output?

Hello sorry for the lack of knowledge. But I’m a beginner in all this here. :unamused: I wanted to know how I can trigger a relay, using the Realdash interface to trigger the arduino outputs? I want to use an auxiliary relay to drive any external load. OR if you can direct me to the link I specify in orient about it. I would be very grateful.

When you use RealDash CAN protocol, you specify the data in XML file. The purpose of the XML file is to tell RealDash how to interpret the communication between RD and your device. See full specs of the RealDash CAN XML here:

Any value that you specify in XML can be changed by RealDash and sent back to your device using Actions. Make a test dashboard with one button. Add a value changing action to your button and see how the updated value is sent to your device. What your device does with these values are completely up to you. You can set the output on/off etc.

Alright friend, thanks for now, I’ll try here and then I’ll give you feedback, thank you very much. :smiley:

Hello friend, forgive me, but I think I could not understand well this scheme there to trigger a relay by realdash command in arduino. I tried but I didn’t understand. Do I necessarily need to change the values of the XML file and also of the arduino? or just program in arduino without changing the XML… is there any file that I can see an example like this? Thank you very much for your understanding and sorry for the insistence.

You can add a new CAN frame to XML and the same format frame to CAN stream to experiment with values. Try making new CAN frame for a button press from RealDash to your Arduino.