How to type in negative number

Hi, I’m trying to setup indicator lights using ground wire. All my indicators like seat belt warning, engine light etc… have constant +12v and are activated with ground wire. I’m using dashbox digital input, and I know it works when it’s the other way around where indicator is always connected to ground and activated by +12v.

I think what I need to do is type in negative number in the parameter setting on my android tablet, but on the keyboard it only allows me to type in period (.) and I’m not able to type in minus (-)

Is there different configuration that I need to do to make indicator work with ground activation?


Hi, please let me know if I’m following correct steps to add indicator. Only difference is the indicator activates with ground, so I figure I need to use negative number. If someone knows, let me know if thats what it is.

  1. Select indicator input
  2. Select dashbox digital input 1 for me
  3. Change the value form 1 to -1 on “value range”

Below is where I get stuck. As simple as it sounds when I click on the button or hold it I’m unable to get the dash to appear on the screen, it only types period.

I try to troubleshot this and the (-) key is available on my old old android phone and windows but not on iphone or my tablet.

Android version 9.0 not working
Iphone version 13.3.1 not working
Android version 4.4.2 Working fine

It looks like the keyboard layout for android version 9 does not include (-) key on the keyboard. Do you know if I’m going in the right direction to fix my indicator activation with ground wire or this is dead end?


Android 9 ОК!

Thanks for confirming, I feel stupid but how did you get it? I press and hold the button and only (.) shows not (-) I been searching on google how to type in (-) on android and can’t find anything specific. Thanks for your help.

Try typing “-” in any text editor.
And then copy / paste.
It can help you out. But it is special for each device …

You give me some hope since it worked for you on Android 9. I still could not get it working but I hookup external bluetooth keyboard and I was able to type (-) right away. One step forward :slight_smile:

But using -1 or -2 in min or max vol does not control the indicator. I try negative numbers in almost all fields and it did not work.

Do you know what do I need to enter to have indicator light turn on?


…Which indicator? Where does the data come from? More specific

I have seen this happen on some Samsung virtual keyboards that the - sign just plain does not work. Consider installing another keyboard, there are plenty of them in Play store.