How to work with layers and buttons


I’m trying to design my own dashboard by stripping, in my case “Bavarian Powerhouse”, and replace the images and put in some new gauges and images etc.
In Bavarian Powerhouse (PB) you can tap in de middle to get the navigation.
Now I want to ad some text meters and gauches.
So I tapped in the middle to get in the navigation-display. I tapped the edit-button to insert some meters and gauches etc.
But when I tap on the X-button to get back in the main page all the meters and gauches remain visible. I don’t want that. These meters and gauches should only be visible in the navigation-layer.
How can I manage this?

Thanks in advance,

You have to set your gauges visible/invisible based on the dummy variables that dashboard uses on different stages. It can be done but can be tricky as the animations files are not public on our premium dashboards. To get the exact result you are after you’d be better off starting your own dashboard from the scratch.


mmmm, Now that’s my problem. Sinds I’m a newbe I don’t know/understand what to do then.
So you speak of dummy variables and I noticed some in settings-mode / page 4 Input Mapping/ edit / others, and found a list of dummies and dimmy-timers. They all have the same values and even if they had different values I still don’t know what to do with them.
That’s why I took an existing dashboard and replaced some images.
It all works fine without the extra text-meters and gauches in the navigation-display but then my design isn’t what I was hoping for.

To start from scratch is to difficult for me now. I hoped I could design a dashboard without programming-skils.

Is there an easy way to manage this?

Sincerely Ben

Editing the existing premium dashboard animations is difficult as we do not publish their animation XML files. Publishing the animation files is not an option as it would be too easy to duplicate our premium dashboards.

All our premium dashboards uses Dummy variables to control which gauges should be visible/invisible when user selects different modes on the page. It is possible to study these variables and set your new gauges visible/invisible accordingly using the triggers and actions. Unfortunately there is no other way to accomplish your goal when working on our premium dashboard.

OK, Thanks for your reply.

I must say that you did an awesome nice job making this program.

I just wanted to start somewere, so I took a dashboard wich came close to my design.
I’ll stop with that then.
Studying these variables is a very complex thing I discovered, especially when there are many, many sub-pages to these parameters.

When I start from scratch do I still need programming skills or is there an easier manual to follow to create gauges/buttons visible/invisble in different modes on te page? etc. etc

Sincerely Ben

I would not call it a programming skills, its more like simple scripting as you do not need to define complex logic or anything like that. I’m sure anybody can get a hang of it by putting some effort into it.

See this post and follow the links to get started:

Start by making a simple one gauge dashboards and experiment how to define a animation for it in XML file.

This is probably the best program on the market. I always wanted to customize gauges. Excellent. :wink: