How to write specific conversions (22199a) GM current gear

I have a custom channel description loaded into my car profile car I am driving 2009 Cadillac CTS I have oil pressure pid And temperature ,ignition voltage ,fuel rail pressure , and now I am Working on current gear. What I have so far: PID 22199a How do I write an equation/conversion for this to show me the 2nd line of data received? The conversion/equation I have
in my xml file is <command send= “22199a” replylength=“2” skipcount=“0” name= “CTS current gear” units=“bit” conversion =“B1”>… The conversion I have right now only gives me the 01 of the 1st green line and I want the 07 of 2nd green line… the 07 shows me current gear because the 07 is reverse because it changes as I go from park to drive. I think the First line is voltage or something like that because when I turn the car off or accessory mode the 01 of the first line turns to 03. Any input or help would be appreciated thanks

One thing to try is to remove the units=“bit”, since bit equals to conversion as 0 or 1 only.

Hello I had a question. When Im done data logging I play it back and all my temp gauges play back in ·c but I have everything set to ·f. How do I fix this?

Try ‘Settings->Units & Values’ and change temperature values to your preference.

Thanks ive done everything i can think of. Is there any way the datalog on the app is set to c and km/h by default… i start logging and everthing works. go to play my log and i have to change F to C and mph to km/h just to get actual log.

I will take a look. Are you using CSV or MSL log format?