Howto create my own design

Hello all!

I fallen in realdash world by some problems in my (hardware real cluster from honda s2000) and bought the premium s2000 dash template…

It’s great work but I want a version more accurate (by graphics and fonts). Since I had the real cluster in hands and i can scan the real parts and have photoshop and illustrator skills, my questions is:

  • Can I help the original author with these images?
  • How I can crate my own dash and send to others?
  • I can create my own fonts and put into a template?

thank you

Modifying our premium dashboard is allowed for your own purposes but you are not allowed to re-distribute it.
If you create 100% own version with your graphics and font licenses there is no problem distributing that dash with others.

And sure, you can use any TTF or OTF font with RealDash. Edit a text gauge and go to Look’n Feel->Font & Text->Select Font.