I cant open realdash

I was working on a dashboard and I had done something that made it crash whenever it tries to load the dash. Since it loads the last dash you used it crashes every time I try to open it. Is their any way I could get it to boot to a different dash or to the gallery? I’m using the latest version of realdash and iOS.

Move the RD files from the location it’s normally stored and it should load the default.

How do I do that?

You must follow the path to save your theme.rd file. And delete or move this file from this folder so that RealDash can’t find it. This way the app will launch the default theme.
Or just uninstall and reinstall RealDash.

Will I keep all my files if I uninstall it? I use an iPad and can’t find the RealDash folder

Your files are most likely corrupted otherwise RealDash would have opened them. So… I think you will lose them. I usually make copies before editing and put a new number in the minor copy. For example: 5.00=>5.01 or something like that. Even if I do something wrong with a copy of 5.01, I will always go back to my 5.00. This is the most reliable way.

Thanks for the tips!