Icons not working anymore

I have a funny bug now:
In Windows 10 and also Android (Version the indicator Icons not working anymore if I edit colors → mixing color for image → change a color value.
Start sweep show no more indication color of the icon and it stop working.
This happen with all Dashs I try out.

Are you sure that startup sweep is activated on those gauges? I will check.

yes, startup swipe is activated!
And I can see it, when the Dash is starting. After touching the setup values the icon dont work anymore!
Its the same with your free dashes.

I’m unable to reproduce this problem. Please describe step-by-step now to reproduce.

Maybe we have already fixed it? Please try 1.7.4 BETA from Play store.

I done a Screenvideo, please watch the brake icon… after touch the color setup and safe the Dash, it is not sweep anymore and even not working.


How to get/install the beta?? I can not see the 1.7.4

You need to enroll to the Beta program in RealDash Play store page.

Not a bug. You are editing the image color for ALL levels, so it loses its color settings for warning and critical levels and will not lit up anymore.

True, I dont know this effect! Thank you…