Import button (IOS) causes app crash


I’ve been using RealDash for some time on multiple platforms, I’m now using this on a generation 1 Apple iPad mini, IOS 9.3.5, RealDash version 2.1.1

The ipad runs RealDash okay, but I am unable to upload my XML or Dash files, even though they are present in iCloud on the device. I have removed and re-installed the file on this device and I have checked behaviour on my iPhone (XR - IOS 15.5), RealDash version 2.1.1

To replicate the issue, open RealDash, select Gallery, Recent and then Load From File. Here click on Import and the app crashes. The same behaviour can be seen when attempting to import an XML file for the CAN settings.

I am not aware of any permissions or settings that I have failed to apply so can only assume this is a backwards compatibility issue with the IOS 9.3.5.

Have managed to create a 6k debug file but not sure if it covers the app crashes or just each restart.

We will get app crash reports from Apple, I will take a look.