important questions

Hi, everyone

As an RD Newbee, I have some very central questions that I can’t answer or only partially answer in the RD forum and on the net found conflicting information…
The answers to this would certainly be in good hands in the FAQ section at the top of the forum and would be given to all RD Help newbies a lot… :

  1. Where can I find information about RD prices?

  2. Where and how can I buy RD Premium Dashs?

  3. Where can I find the full version of RD ?

  4. What is the difference between downloading RD on RealDash site and the full version?

  5. Are there any differences between purchasing Premium Dashs and the RD full version, if so what are they?

  6. How can I install RD on Windows?

  7. How can I install RD on Android?

  8. How can I install the RD Android version on WIN - is there a workaround?

  9. Which Android version must be installed for RD at least?

  10. Does RD also run with LineageOS, if so with which version?

  11. Where can I find the XML file in RD ?

  12. What data/folders need to be moved to Android if I edit RD on a WIN PC beforehand?

  13. In which Android folder must the XML file be?

  14. Can I export RD to Android directly from WIN?

A step-by-step guide to downloading/installing and importing/exporting RD data, on WIN and Android with appropriate references and RD prices would be ideal.

Regards from Germany