Importing profiles of cars

I am new to RealDash. I see there is an Import feature for specific cars.
Is there a list of car profiles that have been created already?
I am searching for:

  • MGB (1800cc)
  • 1966 Ford Mustang (289ci)
  • 1978 Fiat 124 Spider (1800cc)
  • V8 BMW from the 1950’s (3.2litre or 2.6 litre) - doubt anyone will have this
  • Triumph Vitesse (1600cc)

Is there a list of cars profiles anywhere that have already been created?

We have plans to (slowly) add a library of vehicle specific settings, but its progressing slowly as it is a big effort to have such a database.

I can send to you Opel Astra “GM car” with most available can bus info and ID, but i have a question for you how you going to connect to different can bus with different baud rate?

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To connect directly to vehicle CAN bus, use one of the supported CAN adapters:

could you please send it for me?

can u send me the profile? I also have a astra

Hello, Is there any chance u can send me can bus info for astra?

hello Tarek, I saw your work done on your Astra (digital cluster). Really impressive. I would like to do it too but I’m not very practical. I have a portable car radio where I installed Reladash and connected with obdlink mx+ via CAN line but no feedback some problems. I don’t see any data on the dashboard. Could I have the file too? Thank you