Incorporating realdash into RV home automation system

My use case is for a classic bus conversion. I’ve already designed an arduino-based conversion box that takes old style analog signals and converts them into a format compatible with torque (I’m moving that UI to realdash).
Video link (at 8min mark):

Ultimately, I’m after a full glass dash and touchscreens instead of switches.

My question is around my larger use case and incorporating “home automation” type stuff into realdash. I’m thinking of using home assistant and node red for the house systems. Of course it’s in a different format and system and will run on a pi. Ultimately I’m thinking I’ll want some crossover between these systems for certain things that need to be accessible to the driver - climate controls, generator, some interior lighting.

One of the reasons I bought realdash is the level of UI customization possible - pretty much anything - but on the backend, wrangling the communication between these two data formats will be challenging.

Anyone done something like this? Tips or considerations? Thanks in advance.

We have done many projects that controls all electrical from RealDash. It is a lot of work but obviously you don’t seem to mind that. If you wan’t to continue on DIY route, see our Arduino examples that use RealDash CAN protocol for the communications:

Alternatively you could handle everything with ready made IO boxes, like SPLeinonen PDSX-1 system.