Indicators etc - stupid questions

Hi all

I am currently communicating with my stock ECU using an ELM327 bluetooth dongle. I now need to get indicators and fuel gauge etc.

I have found the realdashextras github and am pretty sure I can handle the electronics side of it using an arduino. Question is - do I need to inject the signals into the canbus or can I have two connections active at once? So for instance could I connect the arduino via serial and read the indicators/fuel gauge/lights status from that whilst still reading the rest of the info from the ECU via bluetooth?

I do have a CAN transceiver module I bought in case I need to inject the signals into the CAN.

I’ve done a lot of car electronics before but never anything quite like this so apologies for the very basic question but I just wanted to know what angle I should approach it from.

You can use multiple connections, add them in the garage connections list.

Thank you.

I am actually considering reading the OBD2 data from k-line using arduino too and sending it via serial - I think it will be faster than using the Bluetooth ELM module.

Just found out my car uses k line and not CAN so looks like the CAN modules were a waste of money, oh well!