Indicators via single bit

Hey guys,

I’ve tried to read a single bit, but I do not know how RealDash is counting… :neutral_face: Tried every different ways, but still no luck… RPM was running totally fine at the first shot! :stuck_out_tongue:

My bit is in ID 21A, ID is 3 bytes long, I’m counting the bytes 0,1,2 , at the most right bit in byte 0 is my high beam… So I used:


Also Startbit=“7” is not working…

Can someone give me a hint…? :sunglasses:

Greets, Clubbi

Seems not a problem with the xml…

I’ve uploaded a filter to the CAN-USB-Analyzer, in the Chinese software it shows me ID 0x0A5 and 0x21A like expected…

But in RealDash, the CAN-Monitor only shows me ID 0x0A5…? :thinking:

So RealDash does not read the 0x21A frame? Is this device/vehicle something that I could get my hands on to try?

Yeah it seems like that… :confused:
If something like a TeamViewer-Session will help you, let me know…
PEAK Can-Explorer and hardware available.

Kind regards,