Indirect CanReader - WunderLinq - BMW Motorcycle

Hi @ all,

this is my first post here, therefore I claim the puppy protection :smiley:

I own a BMW R 1200 GS K50, on this bike the CAN-Bus data is taken out via the WunderLINQ plug-and-play hardware, which can be plugged into my BMW motorcycle navigation preparation.

With the WunderLInq hardware I can control my mobile phone from the BMW WunderWheel. This keeps my hands on the steering wheel. Which increases my personal safety.

I would now like to process the performance and error data that I receive from the WunderLInq hardware via Bluetooth with RealDash and display it visually on my mobile phone/tablet… I think it will be an 8inch tablet because the visual presentations with RealDash are just too cool!

Two questions I have in the community.

  1. Is it possible that Real Dash can process the data from WunderLinq. If so how?
    Attached is a link to how [u]read the performance and fault data[/u]
  2. Does someone know about a ca. 8 inch android tablet with a [u]transflective display[/u]?

I thank you in advance for your answers.

In theory we could implement support for the protocol described by the xls from your link. I just do not want to do it blindly, would need to get the device and get some help on testing.

Hi realdashdev

It is not possible for me personally to provide you with such a device. Doubt that this would be enough, because the motorcycle is also missing. The guys from blackboxembedded do a very good job. If they specify something you can implement it blindly. I will be willing to test it anytime.

I still hope that it will be implemented.