Input mapping with two connections

I’m doing an Input Mapping of the OIL Pressure of a connection, with RealdasCAN, but when I add a Protune ECU, the pressure stops working.

I’m not familiar with Protune ECU, but maybe it is sending its own oil pressure value to same input and thus overriding your custom value?

Yes, Protune sends , but would it be correct for Realdash to assume the custom value?

I believe now what happens is that you get info from both, ECU and other source which both are writing data to same input.

I have to think about this. Of course you can change the gauge inputs directly to your custom input instead of Engine->Oil Pressure, but that would require modifications to all dashboards that you use.

One option could be that if you have your own input mapping, it would block all other connections to write to that input. I’m not sure though if that would cause other issues.