Intake pressure video

Hello! Guys who have atmospheric gasoline, write on YouTube how the inlet pressure sensor works correctly at idle, at 2000 rpm and at idle with consumers turned on, as well as at a speed of more than 30-40 km / h, release the gas pedal and see braking pressure! It’s important to understand the direction! Because I’m confused (((

0 Pa - with the engine off!
35 Pa - when warming up and up to 780 rpm
450 Pa - with included consumer load

I thought that the RD takes a pressure of about 100 Pa. Accordingly, the formula for me was (100Pa-V), where “V” are my input values!
But it looks like I’m doing something wrong
and the formula should be different.
Because, judging by the new parameter: "
Fuel consumption (l / h) "
idling shows 1.0 l / h
under load = 0.9
and when dumping gas by coasting in gear = 1.3.
Help me understand how to do it correctly!

Show how the taxiway should correctly show the inlet pressure in different modes!

Greetings! I watch a lot of respondents! :laughing:
I recorded short trips and displayed the intake pressure in two treatments.
I don’t know which one is correct for RealDash!

The right parameter starts at 100 kPa when the motor is not running.
The left one starts at 0 kPa when the engine is not running.
They also behave differently when the engine is running! In general, different car brands have different display options for intake pressure.
The question is which of these options will be correct for RealDash?
Jani! I ask you to clarify the situation!

These two pressures are big data in red

Which one is correct?

0kpa only exists in total vacuum of space, so natural is to use 100kpa adjusted by barometric.

And how much is your idling pressure in kilopascals? and if you coast with a closed throttle? You can show?

It depends what kind of car you have, is it natural aspired or turbo chargered.
I quest that your car has no any mods on the engine and there is no turbos so it is “Natural Aspired Engine”
So your “intake Pressure” should show something like this
At idle 25-35kpa
Under full load about 95-100kpa not over 100kpa.

Turbo Chargered engine it like this
At idle 25-35kpa
Under full load it should be what is your boost.
If you have 1bar boost then your Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure gauge should show 200kpa
If you have 0.5bar boost then your Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure gauge should show 150kpa

Thanks. I understood!