intake pressure.

Good afternoon, I am setting up the parameters of the on-board computer in RealDash.
I want to clarify a couple of points.

I do not have a Mass Air Flow Sensor. An inlet temperature sensor and an intake pressure sensor are installed.

  1. Does the inlet pressure need to be written in ID = 11?
  2. Do I need to specify ID = 31 absolute pressure for accuracy of calculation?
  3. My ECU issues data ~ 350-320 mbar rarefaction at idle, the question is - do I need to bring the value of 350 mbar rarefaction to the form = “'650 mbar pressure”, for correct calculation?
  4. Do I need to cast to kiloPascals Or can I specify milibars in RealDash?
    Will RealDash correctly calculate fuel consumption per 100km? Go need some other values ​​for a more accurate calculation?
  1. No, id 11 is barometric pressure, not inlet pressure
  2. Yes. MAP must be sent and must be in kPa.
  3. No, send manifold pressure to id 31 as kPa (absolute pressure).
  4. See above.

but my card looks like a rarefaction.
if I send it in its purest form, it will be idle at 35 kPa.
If RealDash starts from 100 kPa, then I need to convert my card with the formula
conversion = “100-v” right?
Or send all the same direct sequence without conversion?
send pressure to id = 32(Точка давления кПа/сек)? isn’t that a typo?
I thought id = 31 is needed.
confirm Please. Because I get the value in millibars / 10 = kPa.
I do not understand how to make kPa / sec?

Yes, A typo, the correct id for MAP is 31.

The MAP value must be in kPa as absolute pressure. At sea level its 100 kPa, and total vacuum is 0 kPa.

all. I understood. thank. means 100- (v / 10) in my case.

There is one more nuance, tell me?
during engine braking, when the transmission is on, but the accelerator is not pressed, at a speed of more than 30 km / h, the computer turns off the injectors, but at the same time, the fuel consumption according to indications in RealDash starts to increase immediately.
on the factory panel at this moment, instantaneous flow rate = 0.
I understand that RD just keeps counting the pressure. What flag or sensor should I provide for the correct shutdown so that RD understands that at the time of engine braking before, until the speed is higher than 30km / h, there is no need to consider?
TPS is connected with me.

Only way to calculate this correctly is to send the injector pulse widths to RealDash (targetId 35 and 36). If pulse widths are not received, RealDash uses TPS in fuel consumption calculations that if TPS is below 1.5% and speed is greater than 24 KPH the fuel consumption is set to 0.