integrating phidgets interface kit

For work I develope some stuff with this interfeca with multiple digital I/O and analog inputs:

I currently running realdash on a dedicated carputer with windows 10 ltsc. I was thinking if would be possible to use this interface to add hi beam, low beam, arrows, etc…, to realdash. I have no problem developing software in .net to obtain an output that could be compatible with realdash.
So the main question is: which is the easiest way to integrate this interface in realdash?


Take a look at the RealDash CAN serial protocol if that could be something you can implement to communicate between board and RealDash.

Thank you for the answare.
I can create a CAN output, but do I also need to simulate a COM ( to send data to realdash, or there is another way?
Which CAN source do I have to use? RealDash CAN?

I’m sorry, but its obvious that I do not know enough of Phidgets to help further. Maybe someone else has better understanding of this device.

This does not refer to phidgets interface… just thinking how to send can data to realdash. Maybe the easiest way is to use the local lan interface on rdp port.

But about the CAN connection source in realdash, Which CAN source do I have to use? RealDash CAN?

RealDash CAN is our open interface that allows easily connect existing CAN devices with RealDash. It can be used with non-CAN devices too. How you implement the serial is up to you, it can be Bluetooth, Serial, or TCP/IP.

Thanks for support
I succesfully create a custom RealDashCan connection on localhost with phidgets interface with a simplre java program.