Introducing My RealDash Community Dashboards

After a lot of hard work we can finally announce the My RealDash Community Dashboards feature. This allows you to share your dashboard designs with other users. For manufacturer users, there is also an option to target the sharing for your invited customers.

To share your dashboard:

  1. Create/edit the dashboard you wish to share.
  2. While in edit mode, select ‘File->Upload to My RealDash’
  3. Go to and your dashboard will appear to ‘Dashboards->My Dashboards’ (this may take up to a minute).
  4. Click the dashboard you want to share and select ‘Edit’.
  5. Enter name and description that will be visible for other users. Use English only to make dashboard accessible for everyone.
  6. Go back to My Dashboards, click your dashboard and select ‘Share’.
  7. Select an option how you like to share your dashboard:
  • Share with All Users (Share All button)
  • Share with specific users only (enter MRD username or email on the bottom edit)
  • Manufacturers can also select to share with their invited customers only.

You can also stop sharing from the same share button that was used to share your dashboard.

When your dashboard is shared, you can already see it in RealDash Gallery->Community section.

To Follow a dashboard someone else have shared:

  1. Go to and to ‘Dashboards->Community’.
  2. Tap on ‘Follow’ button on any dashboard that you would like to appear on RealDash Gallery->Community section.

RealDash 2.0.6 or newer and MRD subscription is required to use this feature.

If I shared a dashboard with one user, can that user edit my dashboard or send my dashboard to another user?

Yes, community dashboards are not locked in any way unless they are modified versions of a premium dashboard.