iOS 2.0.9 version not on AppStore!

I notice that RealDash as a new version with iOS fix for my orientation problem, it was released on 13/05/2022 but today (17th) I still not have the update ready for download on AppStore?! And do you have some notices from CarPlay program?!

Only today on the morning the update as come as 2.0.90! I will try if it fixes the CarPlay orientation problem.

Apple review process takes a long time sometimes.

The orientation it’s not completely fixed… when a try to open the app firstly on infotainment display it opens messed up portrait view with long upside and downside black bars. I have to reopen in iPhone and than open again in car display to assume the landscape view… can you make an option to switch off this change? Like it was before the update that came with this option?