iOS Bug with portrait view

After last update every time I use RealDash in CarPlay the app is opening in portrait view even if I have the iPhone in landscape position on magnetic holder, I ask if there’s an option to turn off the experimental portrait view in iOS? Or force the landscape view? I will make a short video to show the behavior…

No need for the video, I found the problem. Will fix for next release.

Thanks for the fast answering!!! Many thanks!

Unfortunately we are unable to fix this as RealDash is not officially accepted Apple CarPlay app so tweaking the CarPlay related parameters was stopped by Apple review. Just for fun, we made the official request to Apple to allow RealDash support CarPlay, but I’m not too hopeful that will ever pass.

So I will not have an option to turn off the experimental portrait view?! I had choose iOS just because is the only way to have RealDash in my infotainment display through CarPlay, and before the update that mess up with view all works… not perfect because of lack of screen ratio option but besides that was very good experience… until some solution, I will not be able to use RealDash app…

You do realize that RealDash is not CarPlay approved? I will try to find solution, but you may be the only one in the world using RD with Apple CarPlay.

Have you tried locking your iPad screen rotation feature? Go to the iPad settings and find option ‘toggle switch lock screen’, enable that and use the toggle switch to lock the screen orientation. Do that help?

I know if RealDash had an official way to make it work many people would choose theirs stock infotainment display instead of another display in dashboard (iPad, android tablet or arduino display thing) it’s much easier and looks really good! I never had an iPad, I only use iPhone and I try to lock orientation, tweaks to force an app landscape view and other things and nothing works… sorry for my behavior in last post but I’m really sad, I will wait for a solution or the best thing that could happens, apple put RealDash as a official CarPlay app! Thanks!

Another thing, iPad don’t have CarPlay feature, only iPhone!

Alright, my mistake.

Let me see what I can do. I have applied RealDash to CarPlay program, will wait for little bit to get response from Apple. If nothing happens there, I will add an option to disable the screen rotation.

Reply from Apple. Its a no-go.

Dear Developer,

Thank you for your interest in CarPlay.

At this time the CarPlay automaker app category is limited to apps that are published by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

CarPlay Developer