Iracing compatibility

Does realdash work with iracing, the reason I purchased it was to have one program that I could use in my truck as well as sim racing.

I’d say no as it is not in a list of supported racing sims. I could add the support if there is a documentation for the game telemetry data.

Yes this data is widely available. There are many dashboard apps that already exist for it currently.

Do you have a link to share?

IRacing SDK and API Documentation Wiki | Fandom. Here is one, there is another source of info for developers on the Iracing website but it’s one of the easiest games/sims to tap into the telemetry data as well as the most popular racing software in the world, I’m sure it would be very lucrative to port this title and give drivers the opportunity to run the same dash they’ve created for their racecar in their actual car.

Ok, I will take a look, although in your link the telemetry part was just an empty page.

I think there are some test files accessible through the sdk, it’s in IBT format I believe. I have some saved practices and older races saved on my PC if you’d like to try working with it. It’s usually performed by a node installed on the PC transmitting to an android device over Wifi running companion software. I save practice and race files to run in motec to see what the car is doing.

Yes, I noticed that iRacing does not send anything to network. It has this IBT file and shared memory access available.

We would need to find (or develop) a software that reads the shared memory and sends info to local network in order to make this work. Very similar to what we have with Euro Truck Simulator.

Do you know any existing software that does the network from shared memory?

Okay, I see you’re wanting me to do your job for you. Don’t worry about it it’s already taken care of. Pay $8 for an app I have to program or else it doesn’t work. Typical

Come on, sounds a bit unfair. I did not ask you to program anything. I was assuming that you are actively using iRacing and could help out to find an existing solution, as I’m not familiar with the game at all.

If RealDash causes you anxiety, I’d be happy to refund you any purchases you have made. Send me an email to in order to process refunds.

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I concur, it does sound unfair toes me. As a consumer whenever make a purchase, there is a standard of that purchase to be a finished product. When I read the description it talk about being compatible with sims as well as obdII Bluetooth. I understand that you won’t be able to support every title, that’s unreasonable. But expecting it to support the largest most popular title is not. Your willingness to add something to your app is exemplary, but in all fairness it should be a legacy feature if advertising as supporting sims and sim compatible. Customers shouldn’t have to go find the format of this part and a SDK for a program, an information source and how it’s streamed, and worst of all another application that has already done the work so you can pull code from. I didn’t mind providing you with the tools to do the job but now you want me to show you who to copy off, that’s kind of a slap in the face. If I have to do all that, especially after paying for this, why wouldn’t I just use an arduino and go to GitHub to source code myself or even simhub or sim dash panel that are both free which I’m already using because I purchased this because of a misleading advertisement and make my own? Then sell mine? I’m not saying it was Intentionaly misleading, or that it was done for any other reason but human error. But if you hear the word sim a automotive aspect like a product for cars, it would be very difficult for anyone who knows anything about the two to not think Iracing. I don’t want my money back, I made the purchase and agreed to buy it but I’m not going to do all that just for someone else to sell it and continually profit from it when I had bring it to the table and do all the leg work and then pay for it. No it’s not fair to ask a customer to do that, you can support it as your advertisements suggest or not. I’ll just use one of the free ones until I have the time to create my own.

The list of supported racing games is clearly stated on each store description and here:

RealDash | Supported Connections

There is clearly a misunderstanding of my intent asking you to help with this. You absolutely do not need to do anything. I will put iRacing into feature request list and wait until we get more requests for the support.

I think this thread has served its purpose.

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