Is AFR Target 1 data linked to Lambda Target 1?

Hi, i’m wondering if you can help me with this one…I’ve got a data fighting situation occurring.

I’m doing some testing with 2 connections. 1 via serial USB and 1 via OBD. Previously I’ve only ran OBD, but I’m now experimenting with both so that I can supplement what I cant get via serial.

The issue i have is that when using the serial datastream, Lambda Target 1 does not show correct data (not sure what it’s showing to be honest). So what I did was setup OBD to show this data, but now it’s fighting with the serial datastream even though Lamda Target 1 is not shown as being on the Link datastream.

In realdash, is Lambda Target 1 linked to AFR Target 1 in any way? The reason I ask is that I saw in another thread that Link outputs AFR Target 1 on the datastream, but not Lamda target. Is it the same data? Is there a calculation used that can change it from AFR to Lambda?

FYI, via OBD2 request 44 the data displayed is perfect for input Lambda Target 1.

Many thanks.

Yes, Lambda and AFR are linked in RealDash. Typical ECU sends either AFR or Lambda, so every time RD receives AFR it will calculate and set the Lambda and vice versa. Calculation is based on Fuel Stoichiometric that can be set in Garage->Trunk.

Thanks Jani, I’ll check out what fuel I have set in Garage.

I’m still a but confused as to where the serial data is coming from though. Lambda nor Lamda Target is not listed on the serial datastream from Link for the G4+.

This is a post from another thread in the Link forum:

The above turned out to be the G4 datastream.

Is it possible that within RD the old AFR target (and possibly lambda) is still picking up bites 81-82 which is now DI 1 in the G4+?


Yes, in code, both short and long datastream bytes 81-82 are read as AFR Target.