Is there a way to Switch dashes on fly

Hi Jani,

Is there a way to switch dashes on fly using the button and also keep the zoom level for each dash?


Currently not possible. Switching to different dash always requires interaction.

But you can always make copies of the necessary dash, and propagate in your dash, on different pages!

is there any way we can add this?

Also still really need copy an paste, at lease into premium and may not out of premium dashes.

if you have have not check DashCommand please do so, for connecting dash together, may be simple select page addition and any dash you want, so one can have any dash loaded and select which to run very fast, but operation of each dash is not computerized, this may also help with no copy, since new my new pages can just be new dashes.

As discussed earlier, a copy-paste between dashboards is not coming any time soon, sorry.

ok so for now I give up on copy and paste.

but I think the request here is to be able to switch dashes using tigger, this should not be super hard.