Issues communicating with an Ipad via wifi

OK, so here’s the deal. I currently have a very custom Electric Vehicle that is using an Orion BMS outputting via Bluetooth OBD2 adapter to a Samsung tablet running the torque application. No big issues, works great.

I would like to move from the Samsung table to Ipads. Which means I need to run Realdash, which means I need to run Wifi and not Bluetooth.

So I got a Wifi obd2 adapter off of Amazon for about $30, the full size one, not the mini. I downloaded Realdash on the ipad, I changed the wifi from my home wifi to the wifi adapter. But the only messages I get on Realdash are the “OBD2: UNABLE TO CONNECT Connecting…” and “Checking PID support”.

I went back and tried to run the Samsung tablet/torque app via wifi, but I couldn’t really get that to work either… So I’m kinda stuck. I have searched the internet for answers, but I haven’t found anything that works yet. I actually haven’t even found a youtube video running an Ipad with realdash, which I thought was weird. I’m hoping there is someone out there that has had this issue and knows what the answers are hopefully.

Please let me know what other info you might need to help me with this.


The ‘Unable to connect’ is a message from the adapter that it does not receive response from the car. Its hard to say what could be the problem.

WiFi adapter is not your only option. You can use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) adapters, or an Excellent OBDLink MX+ Apple certified OBD2 adapter.

Its not to say that connection will work with your custom electric vehicle anyways, as it may need some initialization etc that we are not aware of.

So using a regular vehicle, that particular wifi obd2 (friencity WiFi OBD2 Scanner from Amazon) did not communicate with realdash. I have updated to the OBDLink MX+ and it seems to communicate correctly with a regular vehicle. Now to move it over to the electric vehicle and see what happens.

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Update - I got it working. So for the couple of things that tricked me up. So first, hook up your obd2 link to a normal car and make sure it connects and at least gives you information from a default realdash skin. If that doesn’t work, it is probably your obd2. (or check to make sure you are connected to the bluetooth obd2 in the setting of the IPad and realdash)

Now for my application, which I am using with an Orion BMS that functioned great with the torque app. There are some “adjustments” that need to be made in the realdash app to get it to read correctly. To import the customer PIDs, it is under the “select vehicle” tab of the settings called “CUSTOM CHANNEL DESCRIPTION FILE”, then import your xml file from there.

The “ODB2 protocol” cannot be set to automatic, you need to go into the OBD2 Monitor and run the “Detect protocol”, it will run for 10 seconds and make a suggestion of which ISO to run, click yes to that and you will no have a better connection.

And it seems that every time you disconnect and shut down, you have to reconnect the bluetooth before running the realdash app, or it won’t work. I need to figure out how to get it to autoconnect whenever it is seen in the settings of the IPad.

Hopefully this helps people in the future that are having the issues I had.

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