Issues creating second trigger reset condition

Going in and creating global triggers for my steering wheel inputs over canbus, since the readings are taken from analog inputs from resistive type buttons, the readings fluctuate a bit, so for the trigger condition I did 2 entries for if the analog reading is greater or equal to a value and if it’s less or equal to a different value to account for this fluctuation. For the Reset Condition I did the same thing for the trigger to reset when the button is released and the analog value goes back to a resting reading. The first Reset Condition works fine, however when I click on ADD AND, in the next screen it already has the values from the previous Reset Condition, and even if I change the values, it doesn’t save them and the AND condition that is added is like it’s a blank condition. I can then go into that blank condition and make the changes and it saves properly at that point.

Ok, I will try the same sequence if I can find the problem.

Edit: Found the problem, will be fixed in next release.